Corrosion issue

I'm refurbishing the original interior as my winter project. This bird has been operated in Florida for a few years and so I figured on finding corrosion. Lots of the hardware needs replacing. As I
started removing the old carpet padding from the back I found what I feared... LOTS of corrosion near the baggage door area. The first pic is the general area. The second is the area closest to the door. The third is the other side. So what am I looking at here in the way of fixing this? Spit ball some repair numbers so I have an idea what to expect before I have some estimates done.

Kurt Johnson


  • Our website moderator, Scott Sherer, has dealt with just such issues. I’m certain he will comment soon with helpful info. Good luck. I was fortunate to have a Midwest bird, no corrosion found when I replaced carpet.

  • I do know Scott recommended not glueing down replacement carpet...use Velcro or snaps.

  • Doesn’t show any zinc anti corrosion was applied..the green in my photo.

  • More green zinc anti corrosion pix

  • Hi and thanks for writing. It's either a Lance/Saratoga/Cherokee 6 or Seneca, right? On my last Seneca, which I bought 16 years ago at Venice, Florida, I had corrosion issues and I wrote a big article about it that we published in 2018. Same area, same problem. Rain got in and couldn't get out. The whole area underneath the back seats was corroded. The shaft that held the pulleys that held the tail cables came within a quarter inch of failing. Anyway, our association A&P, Erich Rempert, did the restoration. The entire area was removed and replaced with new metal and took a month and it cost $8,000. Also, corrosion on the rudder vertical spar and that needed replacement and at the bottom of the windshield at each corner, that was badly corroded and needed parts replacement. That was $1,000 but I was replacing the windshield and that's how I found it. The center console had corrosion, too, but that just needed cleaning up. The rubber engine mounts were filled with water, too. We applied ACF50 the entire airplane when I got it but we didn't find the corrosion for another ten years. It did all work out and there was no more corrosion to get rid of but it was unsettling. You'll get through it too and my guess is around $10k. Also, don't glue down your carpeting, as stated earlier, that's why the corrosion wasn't found. Good luck. Anything else I can assist you with?

    Scott Sherer
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