DYNON D3 Pocket Panel for sale

Purchased March 2019. Only used twice..reason for selling: upgraded panel with a

Garmin G5. All accessories included in original box. Ram mounts, both suction and yoke, included. Perfect working order or your money back. Will ship to any continental US address. Purchase price $879, will sell for $700. Great back up GPS position/altitude device.


  • Was the "Garmin G5" in your post a mistake?

    Kurt Johnson

  • The description wording was split by the photos. I am having a Gamin G5 installed as a replacement for the D3. Not sure why the wording was seperated...

  • On the “top” of the photos are the first words for the description narrative

  • unit is SOLD,

  • Good job, Kent! :)

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.

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