Author: Bill Cox

Cherokee 180

Featured Plane Piper Cherokee 180 The World’s Easiest Flying Airplane? Evidence that the Piper Cherokee 180 may be the world’s simplest airplane to fly is more than anecdotal. When the clouds hang low and the fog rolls in, my...

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Bold Warrior

Featured Plane A Warrior with ENTHUSIASM How to “Boldly” Promote your Warrior to an Archer It seems Cherokees are forever. At least, we hope they are. As the low wing alternative to Cessna’s popular Skyhawk, the Piper Warrior...

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Featured Plane Archer: In the Fourth Generation Reliability and Easy Handling have made the Archer a Mainstay in the Piper Lineup Many people regard the Piper Archer as the quintessential Cherokee. While it’s true today’s...

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Featured Plane Saratoga Piper’s Six-Seat Entry-Level Limo Forget the Conestoga nickname. The Piper Saratoga was a first-class traveling machine. Since the first Piper Lance was sold back in 1976, I always regarded the concept of...

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