2016 Pipers Magazine Back Issues

Pipers Magazine December 2016

Winterize your Airplane and USE IT! by Scott Sherer, 17 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Practical Pilot by Scott Sherer, Is onboard WX & Traffic BETTER than ADS-B? by Bob Hart, Featured Plane Mojave: Last of Piper’s Big Twins by Bill Cox, Surviving the Unthinkable: Lessons on Icing from the School of Hard Knocks by Joel Turpin, What to watch for when shopping for an upgrade by Scott “Sky” Smith, Drama in the Skies by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine October 2016

How to Diagnose & Remedy Chronically Stiff Pitch Trim, Part 1: Jack Screw Maintenance by Scott Sherer, Featured Plane Pawnee Brave 400: A Brave to Ecuador by Bill Cox, How to Build a Basic Toolbox – 9 Must-have Tools for those “What-if…”Moments by Jim Cavanagh, How to Sound Like a Professional when Flying in the IFR System by Joel Turpin, 5 Rewarding Reasons to Pursue an IFR Rating by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine September 2016

A DIY Guide to Installing Lighted Wingtips Part 2: Pulse Electronics Wiring by Scott Sherer, The Evolution of Mode S Trig Avionics: Little Boxes … Big Ideas! by Bob Hart, The J-3: A Cub for Piper by Bill Cox, Is it a violation to mount a GoPro-style camera to your aircraft? by Ryan Mohr, Mastering the Crosswind Takeoff and Landing by Joel Turpin, Giving Back by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine August 2016

A Fresh Look at Legacy Avionics, How to Prevent a Gear Up Landing from Ruining Your Day, Featured Plane – Warrior, What Pilots Need to Know about Declaring an Emergency, Vortex Generators: The Finishing Touch to Wing Design, How to Find (and Keep) a Good Mechanic, Understanding Non-owned Insurance, EFFICIENCY: The Fourth Pillar of Flight Operations

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Pipers Magazine June 2016

Facelift for a King! How to Transform Your Dilapidated King Radio into the Pride of Your Panel, Featured Plane Turbo Arrow, The Piper Arrow’s Auto Gear Extension System, 8 Ways to Reduce the Risks of an In-flight Emergency, Are YOU Prepared for a Water Egress?, How to Prepare for a SURVIVAL EMERGENCY, Piper Service Bulletin 1006: “A Tankless Job”

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