Traffic and other nuisances

Today was one of those beautimous CAVU days, the kind that the sky gods grant on truly rare occasion. Those aviation deities were especially beneficent by adding absolutely smooth conditions. Woe betide any aviator who would offend such an offering by not flying. Ergo, I set about to enjoy this enticement. I went to OUN and updated the GPS database and then called ground for taxi to active. "35M taxi to rwy 17, via Echo, Charlie, cleared to cross 21 at Echo." I taxied from my hangar past the long row toward the general parking ramp. I crossed into the movement area an turned left toward Echo. As I turned right onto Echo, I got up on the toe brakes and retarded the throttle. "Westheimer ground, we have a skunk crossing Echo" "35M, roger." After he passed I continued on to the runway. I flew to an airport about 50 mile west of OKC to check out some cheap gas. $3.68/gal. but the machine was broke.
I took off and head back to OUN. I was talking to Oke City Approach, I was level at 5500. Approach advised I could descend at pilot's discretion. ATC likes 3500 minimum crossing the departure end of Will Rogers. As I approached that airport, I pulled the throttle back and started a 500' per minute descent. I was almost even with the departure end of 17L when a radio call got my attention. It was to a SWA 737 climbing out and reference a plane Eastbound descending through 5000. SWA advised traffic not in sight, looking. Did not take long to realize I was the traffic and I started looking. At about 10 o'clock was this real perrty 737 climbing towards me and banking to the right. Since the new guy on position seemed to have forgotten who I was (he did not identify type traffic for SWA or call me directly) I called Approach and told them I had the 737. The airliner passed my altitude about 3/4 of a mile at my 9:00. No harm no foul.
The aviation gods blessed the flight, got to see a skunk and a 737 up close on the same flight.


  • That skunk smell on your plane must have repelled the big iron! :)
  • Bill, I had a little experience with furry woodland traffic a couple of months ago. When I was checking out in the FBO's Archer I was doing touch 'n go's at KCXO on 32. Just as I went into my flair ATC called and told me to stop and hold. They said I had deer about 1/3 of the way down the runway. I saw them as I was rolling to a stop. Two of them standing just to the left about five feet off the runway about twenty yards ahead and they both bolted right across the runway in front of us. I didn't have any trouble getting stopped in time but I still couldn't resist. I looked at my instructor and said, "Go fetch me my brrrown pants". You'll understand that if you've seen the guys on Blue Collar Comedy Tour telling their favorite jokes. That one was from Bill Engvall. I mean, I like deer sausage okay...but I don't want to have to scrape it off the side of an airplane. :D

    As a side story to that, ATC asked me to continue to hold for traffic taking off on 1. She was in a C-172 and said she was ready to go on 1 and that she was a student on her first solo, so he gave her the wx as 15kts gusting to 24kts and told her she also had deer in her area but cleared her for take off. My instructor and I both looked at each other with a what the heck look. Not so much about the deer, because ATC had said they should not be a factor, but that an instructor was sending a student up on her first solo in a C-172 with those huge super efficient flaps in winds gusting to 24. I was surprised that ATC didn't ask to speak to her instructor. I've heard them do that a couple of times. She made it okay, though.

  • PropFan wrote:
    That skunk smell on your plane must have repelled the big iron! :)

    Not a chance, I know when to yield to conficting traffic :0
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