Result Oriented

One fine bluebird day two individuals arrived at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter calls the first one forward and asks, "And what is your name, sir"? The fellow replies, somewhat apprehensively, "I'm Rikki0 a.k.a. Mike from Willis, Texas and I'm a pilot." St. Peter takes a look at his list and asks, "And just what contributions did you make to mankind that you should be allowed to enter Heaven"? Rikki0's brow furrows and he thinks for several long seconds. At last he looks up and says hopefully, "Well, I just proved that Cherokee 140's are definately not rated for Lumshevaks, inverted flat spins, or 9G pullouts at ground level". St. Peter cocks one eyebrow and says drily, "Yes, that would be 'need to know' information, wouldn't it? It also explains your presence here". He then smiles and hands Rikki0 a golden staff and a silk robe and bids him enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Then the second individual steps forward. "And what is your name, my son", queries St. Peter to which the fellow replies in a booming voice, "I am Father Patrick Michael Flannigan and I am a Priest"! St. Peter takes a look at his list and asks, " And what contributions have you made to humanity that you should be allowed to enter into Heaven"? At this the fellows face lifts in pious expression and declares loudly, "I have been preaching the word of Gaawda (his parents were Southern Baptists) for forty-three years and spent the last 9 as administrator of a Catholic School, Our Lady of Charles Bronson (it was a very tough school)". St. Peter smiles and hands him a wooden staff and a cotton robe and bids him enter the Kindom of Heaven.

At this the Priests brow furrows and he says, "Hey. Hold on a second there, hot rod. That other fellow that just went in was just a pilot and obviously a complete moron yet he got a golden staff and a silk robe. I've been doing God's work for most of my life and I get wood and cotton. What gives"?

To which St. Peter replies, "Well, you see, up here we're result oriented. When you preached everyone slept. When that fellow flew everyone prayed.

Have a great day, my friends
Rikki0 a.k.a. Mike


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