Jupiter's Doman

I got back to flying this week after having been distracted by work and other issues far longer than I care to admit. Got in two good evening flights of an hour each and the air was smooth as glass. Today, I planned to get up this morning, but the University aviation booster club was having a plane wash. So I deferred the flight until almost 1400 local. The heat is returning and the DA was 3100 (field is 1180) at take off. I was climbing out and noticed that is was very bumpy. I climbed to 5500 and it was still very choppy, with occasional glider style altitude lifts of 200-300 feet. I managed to get a full hour and a half in; but it seemed the Roman god of the sky was reminding me that this was his domain and I was just subject to his whims. Think I will see how he feels tomorrow. ;)


  • Mornings and evening are really good in Wisconsin this time of year. Afternoons, yuck, lol :)

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