uAvionix AV-30-C is now Certified

Speaks for itself. AV-30-C is now certified and shipping. Check my recent article (July Pipers) if you want the info!


  • wonder if it will run a KFC 150

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    Hi Bob, do you think autopilot (Century) compatibility will come soon? Or we should expect a long way?
  • Hi All, Frankly, I don't think that uAvionix plans to create any autopilot interfaces that would allow the AV-30-C to replace an autopilot AI as in the KFC 150/KI-256 AI. They will make it interface to the heading mode on most viable autopilots. I think they have also said that they do not plan to upgrade the unit to a full HSI with LOC/ILS capability. Their market here, like the Former TruTrak (now Bendix King) and the Trio are light IFR pilots flying legacy aircraft. These pilots will primarily navigate via WAAS GPS and the AV-30 meets that mission. Right now, they are not competing with Garmin's G5 or GI-275. I think that is smart. Look at the success of the skyBeacon/tailBeacon. Targeting the legacy aircraft owner worked and will also work for the AV-30-C. I just had a client today who is adding WAAS GPS and would need to add a second CDI. We established that the AV-30-C will add a lot of additional capability vs. just adding a second CDI and at the same time, leave him a 3" hole for an engine analyzer. He also gets Angle of Attack and G-Meter, that the G5 does not provide. If you want all the bells and whistles consistent with medium or True IFR, Garmin does that.

  • Roger that, Bob. I agree.

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  • So referencing Bob's post on Sept 8, I am that light IFR guy with a GNX 375 and a Tru Trak AP. Everything else is stock steam gauges. It seems to me that I would benefit most from only an addition of an AV-30 as an AI. Am I reading between the lines correctly? Since my AP will not be driven by the uavionics, I see no help in getting another one as a DG (other than eliminating my vacuum system). Is my thinking correct on this?? Thanks.

  • I'm due to get an AV-30C this week for an evaluation and product review article. If you can wait a little while on this I might be able to assist you in your decision.

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.

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  • Thanks, Scott. Sure can wait for that review!!

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    Anthony's question prompted me to dive into the install manual for the AV-30-C Certified units. Frankly it startled me and I contacted Shane Woodson at uAvionix for clarification. Let me first give you the lines from the certified install manual:

    "The GPS interface is an optional RS-232 serial input that is
    compatible with the industry standard “Moving Map” output provided
    by most panel mounted GPS units, and NMEA serial interfaces
    provided by most hand-held GPS units.

    This is a text/binary protocol output by the GPS navigator that
    contains situational awareness information such as ground speed,
    track, distance to destination, cross track, etc, and is typically utilized
    by remote mapping/display products to provide additional pilot

    ****This output does not provide IFR compliant lateral or vertical
    guidance, therefore all deviation related data presented is for VFR
    operations only. ****

    Shane's response to my request for clarification is: The AV-30-C can be used for VFR and IFR when it is the primary AI and/or DG, which is what the STC Certification is for. But, the GPS HSI is a non-Certified sub-function and is not certified for IFR, since it currently only has horizontal guidance.

    Unfortunately, if you were planning of interfacing an IFR GPS to the AV-30-C DG and flying in IFR conditions using the AV-30 for GPS deviation, especially a GPS approach, it simply states that this not legal at this time. No indication whether this will change in the future. The AV-30-C DG is legal as a DG, providing heading only data from it's internal magnetometer.

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