Metal Overhead console?


I have a metal overhead console in my 1965 PA28-180.

Is this the normal console? I'm trying to get a replacement, but only see consoles that look like this:

For new PMA, and salvage.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


  • That is definitely a field manufactured replacement.

  • Thanks!

    I think this is the closest to what is there:

    This looks alright as well, however I am concerned about the length of the trim indicator, since it seems to have a slight rise in the plastic:

  • The console that you have definitely isn't a legal part. The box could cause a significant injury if you hit your head on it. Knots2U and Planeparts are both great suppliers and make great parts. I would replace it as fast as you can. Good luck!

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    Thanks all!

    The plane flies like a dream, and the engine is amazing... however, as you have seen, someone has made some "Interesting" interior choices.

    I am upgrading the entire interior(Airtex), and I am in the process of doing the rest, for an avionics upgrade (with A&P's blessing and meticulous labelling, and storage of parts). As a former skydiver and paraglider, I'm a stickler for my aircraft being exactly as they are designed.

    I have an armada supply of parts coming, including:

    As long as I am here, I was wondering if anyone had a line on the following:

    • Vent control knobs(On the doors). They are red, and I would like black without painting, and one of them is damaged.

    • Washer and large nut behind the vent control knob(Secures it to the panel). Most of them are MIA.

    • Best way to get caulk off windows. Would like to go back to the original tar sealing tape, or legal alternative. Hopefully without buying new windows.

    • Best way to get the back seat in. The tabs on the top with the screws were a real pain to get out. I do not want to scratch the new panels going in.

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