Stick & Rudder Fun

I spend just about all of my flying time, filed IFR at or above 8,000 following ATC orders and shooting approaches. That is what my Navajo PA31-310 was made for. Basically a traveling machine. Last weekend a buddy of mine (Spirit A321 pilot), called and asked if I wanted to go flying in his PA28-180. She is a beauty N3795T a 1967 Arrow. He is now furloughed from Spirit and is using the time to reinstate his CFII so he needed someone to practice on. This was the most fun flying day I have had in many years. He played CFII and I played student getting set up for my Commercial check ride. I got my commercial in 1979 in an Arrow so its been a while. We took off from home base at KPMP and along the way to KOBE for lunch, spent about an hour and a half doing, short/soft field T/O and spot landings, chandelles, lazy 8s, accelerated stalls, departure stalls, eights on pylons, S turns across a road, 720 power turns and finally an approach to KOBE. I have attached part of our trip
plan view from Flightaware. If you haven't done this in a while I suggest you take the time. Precise coordination, flying to Comm'l test standards an just using the ground for orientation is the best way to make yourself one with the machine. Heck, we even did the old both lean forward and watch the bird start a gradual descent, the both lean back to reverse it to a climb. Great fun, great becoming one with the machine and atmosphere and learning to use my feet again. I think I am hooked.


  • Wonderful, thanks for sharing!! <3

  • Great map! You could get a DUI for that, lol :)

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