Wing Walk

What is the best way to clean up a black wing walk short of repainting with wing walk compound?
Dave Perricone


  • I just use a stiff brush and the soap that I use to clean the plane then rinse.

  • I’ll get that brush tomorrow. Thanks.
    Dave Perricone
  • I use scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner. Just spray it on and rinse it off after it has done the work. No scrubbing needed.
  • If it’s pretty far gone, it is fairly inexpensive and easy to paint it on with a roller. Be sure to mask the surrounding area and know that it is pretty messy. I have done it twice. Aircraft Spruce for the Randolph paint. Be sure to stir frequently.

  • Little trick if you just want to make it look fresh if the wing walk is just dull. Tape off around the wing walk and rub in black shoe polish. I use a stiff brush same as you use for cleaning parts in a cleaning tank, I rub the polish in and let it stand for a while and then use an old rag to wipe up the excess. It will make the wing walk look fresh as new painted on without the mess.
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