Pics of new flooring and insulation

We are done with installing the new insulation and close on the new vinyl flooring

Getting closer


  • Here is a better picture of the floor along with pics of the seats we recovered. The one on the left came out little crooked bu I think overall it will look ok. They appear to be much more comfortable than our old worn out seats where the foam had started to disintegrate
  • The seats looking amazing. Great job! :)

    Scott Sherer
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  • Beautiful work! If it bothers you, the "crooked" left seat can be easily remedied. Remove the upholstery off the back of the seat, then roll it up like a sock, center and straighten it on the seat back, and slowly roll it back down. Use a heat gun with very gentle heat if necessary to make the material more pliable as you roll it down. Even if you decide to leave it as is, I'm sure it looks and feels 100x better than before. Nice job!

    Jim "Griff" Griffin
    PA28 - 161
    Chicago area

  • What insulation are you using ?? I'm thinking of redoing my Aztec pretty soon and I'm collecting data

  • It came from Airtex. We used the half inch On walls and quarter inch on floor under vinyl. Peel and stick. The AP really liked the product and thinks it will make a big difference. This may seem odd to say but it feels like it will improve the structure of the plane. It takes the flimsy sheet metal feel out where the half inch foam was applied. Don’t know how well it works yet but everyone seems to think it will be a big difference in noise and temp
  • Also - we did it ourselves. Took the time to get it in literally every space and corner. The guy I own the plane with had done similar soundproofing for his cars. If you are doing yourself send me a message and he can explain how he got it in the tight spots. Basically he would only peel part of the wax paper off to start then slide the piece into position before peeling rest of paper off. That really worked well
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