AV-30C or GI 275

Howdy Piper fans,
BLUF: Will AV-30C be supporting CDI for IFR any time soon? Any updated Direct comparison of AV-30C vs. GI-275?
I am replacing my vacuum AI on my 1969 PA28-140, and have read a lot about the AV-40C. Many of the articles are 2020 or older. I am a VFR pilot and will begin IFR training soon with intention on only doing occasional light IFR. I’d like to keep my round gages on current panel so G5 is not an option. Question 1: what AV-30C updates can I expect from Uavionix for IFR flying in the future or should I bite the bullet and go with GI-275?
Question 2: Now that many have been flying with the AV-30C for a while, any updated PIREPS or recommendations?
Thanks in Advance, happy holidays and happy flying.



  • I think you should go with the GI-275. I am not convinced the AV-30C will ever be ready for IFR without a hardware update.

    Eric Panning
    1981 Seneca III
    Hillsboro, OR (KHIO)

  • Hi Ricardo, I'm on a first name basis with Shane Woodson, head of sales at uAvionix. He told me that the the AV-30C will be upgraded and will be IFR legal for GPS coupled approaches sometime in 2022. Check my article in Piper's magazine, October issue. I believe that information which came directly from Shane is accurate. Frankly, I would wait before purchasing one until this upgrade is made.

  • Thanks Bob, I will wait on the AV-30 upgrade and hope 2022 brings some pleasant surprises.

  • I have decided to wait as well. I keep waiting for someone to post if the heading drift is really fixed, but I cannot find anyone to post the results from a real world test. Using the GPS output for IFR is also important to me, so I will see what 2022 brings.

  • The GI-275 is awesome but it is full of fancy features I won't use so I went with the G5. The GI-275 can run your piper auto control if you have one though so if you want to keep a legacy autopilot the 275 is almost a must have.

    1969 Arrow 28R-200
    Herky bird pilot by day

  • In late 2017 i purchased a low-time 1980:Turbo Arrow IV. All the avionics needed to be replaced. I went all Garmin. Two G5s ( at the time, half the price of an Aspen unit) GTN-650, GNC-225 and GTX-335. The final piece was the GNC-500 AP installed in 2020. Everything works great and what i like best is its garmin gear talking to garmin gear. This works for me and the missions i use my plane for.

    John O’Leary
    Turbo Arrow IV (KRKP)
    CFI CFII CFIMEI (Gold Seal), ATP

  • Regarding a comment on the GI 275 running the Piper A/P. I did a full upgrade with three -275s and we, me and the avionics folks, cannot get the Century 2B A/P to play nice with the -275s. I have decided to bag it and am on the list for a Garmin GFC 500.


  • You won’t regret your decision. I had my G5s and GTN-650 hooked up to the Altimatic IIIC. Autopilot was very sloppy in tracking the localizer on coupled approaches plus the AP was on its last leg. The GNC-500 does it all now w/digital precision.

    John O’Leary
    Turbo Arrow IV (KRKP)
    CFI CFII CFIMEI (Gold Seal), ATP

  • One of the challenges connecting to legacy AP's is getting the gain settings and other parameters right. Can take long time especially since in most cases you need to be flying approaches, etc.

    I think most of the retrofit approaches work by feeding heading info to the current AP - but for this to be most successful you need details on how the AP and airframe will respond.

    It is also possible slop in the system can never be fully removed and you are always chasing something.

    Eric Panning
    1981 Seneca III
    Hillsboro, OR (KHIO)

  • I just noticed that uAvionix announced TrueTrak/Aerocruze 100 integration for the EXPERIMENTAL version (AV-30-E).

    From the pilot guide. https://uavionix.com/support/av-30-e-support/

    "The AV-30 has the option to act as a control input for the AeroCruze 100/TruTrak Vizion autopilot. The AV-30 displays the Set Altitude (SALT) in a textual format and displays the Set Vertical Speed (SVS) via a graphical SVS bug on the vertical trend indicator in AI mode. The AV-30 will send the SALT, the SVS, and the heading selection to the autopilot via a serial interface.

    The AV-30 control of the autopilot is similar to the autopilot’s “Altitude Select Mode” or “Altitude Pre-Select Mode” (see the “Operating Handbook for Vizion PMA Autopilot TruTrak Doc:167”).

    uAvionix does seem slow at moving things to the certified side (probably an FAA issue), so I am not holding my breath ... but progress just the same. I do not own the AV-30-C but might some day.

  • gtroop: I just posted my results after software upgrade to my AV-30Cs on the precession topic here: https://piperowner.org/talk/discussion/comment/1435590#Comment_1435590

    Short answer: after 3+ hours of flight time and a one hour static ground test, the precession issues appear 100% corrected!

  • That is great news! Thank you for the update.

  • Thanks for the update. With the recent AV30-E update that supports the AeroCruze 100, along with positive reports of the precession issue being resolved, I'm feeling pretty good about ordering another unit to replace my DG.

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