• Beatiful and very functional and very $$$. Congrats!

  • Thanks, cost got out out of hand but this is what I wanted.

  • Looks great!! It is best to do it all at once. I piecemealed mine.

  • Agree, I piecemealed my panel in two stages, not sure want the additional cost was and don’t want to know!

  • I have completed 3 panel makeovers over the years. Always best “at the time” to install the best instruments.

  • edited June 2019

    Agree, but it never stops with all the new products and available upgrades. Interesting, over a month ago my Avionics rep called and for $2995 Evolution is offering owners to upgrade their EFD1000 Pro PFD with new PFD Max. Actually they replace your existing glass with a new unit, with new warranty, I jumped on this.

  • Way to go fellows! Excellent jobs!

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