My, how things change!

I have been the aircraft parts business for 46 years and one would think that the replacement cost of these parts would not surprise me! But after all these years, I get a new surprise almost every day! The Piper 450-742 lift detector! Now at $2818.24! I still have a 1978 Piper price list showing this item new from Piper at $58.85! On the other hand, I remember gasoline at $0.17 a gallon, and a loaf of bread at $0.30! Like I said, how things change!


  • Well, thanks for sharing that piece of news. I had to replace both of mine on my Seneca a few years back and was able to find them at a few hundred dollars each. $2818.24 is gouging, methinks. Still not as bad as Beech parts, lol.

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