Global Circumnavigation in a 74' Piper Arrow 2 (200 hp)?


I'm looking to fly around the world in 2020. Presently I have a well updated 1974 Piper Arrow 2. Most pilots who become "Earth-Rounders", typically do so in a Bonanza or twin or Piper Saratoga (something faster and more payload). I've researched lists and various sites, but want to know if any of you have or know someone who has, flown the Earth in a Piper Arrow. This would be without shipping the aircraft at all, and flying legs up to 2,300 NM with ferry tanks. If so, I have many questions. Please email me at:




  • Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. We all wish you success in your venture in 2020.

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.

    Need help? Let me know!

  • Thanks Scott. I'm happy to keep everyone posted on the progress and challenges involved. If folks are interested. Still a lot to figure out.

    Does anyone know of anyone interested in being a sponsor for my trip? Advertising, International business expos to promote their product or business etc. As a 22 year military veteran, and MBA graduate, I could easily conduct seminars along the way, or use my plane as a billboard for advertisement.

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