Cherokee Cockpit Organizer

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to purchase a cockpit caddy/organizer for a Piper cherokee? There is one for Cessna but due to the flap handle arrangement there is no place to put charts, pens, drinks, etc... The pocket on the passenger side is very hard to access.


  • I am using one of those multi-pocket organizers made for cars that attaches to the front seat and hangs down the back. I think that I got it from the automotive section where I work. (Wal-Mart) It is very handy, has places for everything, and I can reach stuff easily flying from either side of the airplane. You just have to remember to hang it from the headrest of the opposite seat from the one you are sitting in before taking off! :)
  • I'm using a side pocket from either Sporty's or Aircraft Spruce. I velcroed it to the sidewall. It won't hold drinks, however.
  • I bought a plastic drink holder from Pep Boys Auto, the kind that has a square plastic hook that attaches around the inside auto door panel at the window area. I cut off the hook portion and slotted (slightly diagonal) the now flat area with a Dremel tool to slide over my mic hook. It works for the pilot's drink.
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