Vinyl Decals

Are there any FAA regulations regarding vinyl decals on single engine planes? Are there restrictions where the logos can go? Can an owner install them?


  • Just had the Archer II repainted. Ordered a "set" from Chief AC Parts. Included a couple I didn't need. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol or 100 proof vodka. The only one that went on the control surface was the "No Push" that went on the rudder. There were two "Unsafe Step" that shows when the flaps are down. Anyone know of PA-28-181's with two doors. No idea where the second one should have gone.

    BTW - NO drinking allowed within 25' of the plane. FAA regs,

    Good Luck
  • Sweet!! How about a couple of photos?? I just got my top and bottom cowlings repainted while my airplane has been in annual.... going to pick them up tomorrow! :)
  • Flygirl, would you like pictures of my Archer II with the decals installed? If so, I will get some in the next few days. I was happy with all the decals and they look good.

    Let me know, Gene
  • That would be great! :) I have an Archer also and currently have a combination of exterior decals that I'm not overly thrilled with. I'm trying to "clean up" my airplane at least as much as I can because I will be part of a group flight to Oshkosh in July and am looking for ways to look my best. Send them when you can! :)
  • Can I place a business logo on the vertical tail section? I own a fastsigns and we make vinyl logos for car wraps....can I use these on my plane?
  • I don't see why not. Many of the 172's in the hangar next to me are all vinyl striping. It looks like Cessna's approach is to paint a plane white and then put all the striping and design on as vinyl.
  • There are no regulations per se, as long as you are not putting anything closely resembling a registration number in conflict with your "real" registration number. Also I would not put an excessive amount on a balanced control surface, cross the gap between fixed and moveable surfaces, etc. A simple logo on each side of the vertical fin would not be a problem. Another thing to consider is that moisture under decals can cause rapid corrosion. Some propellers specifically require no decals. Properly applied and monitored for corrosion, it should not be a problem.

    Ross Carbiener
    Designated Airworthiness Representative-Maintenance
  • Gene Myers wrote:
    BTW - NO drinking allowed within 25' of the plane. FAA regs

    You mean I have to stand outside my hanger????
  • A PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) pilot told me that it was also company policy. I think that rule only applies if you are intending to fly the plane. If you are simply going to some important work on the airplane (like wash it) the 25' rule may not apply. Better check with the FAA on that.
  • I think they also understood back then that smoking was really bad for your health and tried to discourage it. Company and CAA regs.
  • Sorry it took so long. Finally got to the airport today and got the pictures I promised. Wind was blowing about 25K and cold here in San Diego - not beach weather. Here is the link to where pictures are posted under Archer II Decals.

    Got them from Chief Aircraft in the Northwest. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the photos... just ordered a set for my airplane! I know my exterior "signage" could use some sprucing up before Airventure! :)
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