"Fat" 140

Well, I spent good money weighing my PA-28-140/160 this annual (new electronic scales) just to get a kick in the face...the airplane actually weighs 80# more than the weight and balance list, weighing in at 1428# empty with 8 qts of oil and NO fuel! I think I'll put it on a diet :-). If only that were possible. Only thing I can figure is that the original empty weight must not have been accurate. Yes, over the years lots of mods have been added, but all of these were accounted for in the weight and balance list. All those times I took off at gross weight were really 80# over! The good news is that the airplane flys very well at this "gross" weight.

Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have any ideas why?


  • The factory empty weight is without oil - but that doesn't add up to anywhere near 80 pounds.
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