Air inlets

Just wondering - do those of you who fly in cold weather typically cover the air inlets for the cabin vent system?


  • I have not found a need to do so in my 180C.
  • Thanks for the input. I haven't noticed a need to try something like that myself, but had noticed in a few other posts there some guys were duct taping their inlets closed in the winter. I agree that if the system is properly adjusted, it shouldn't be necessary. I'm getting kind of itchy to get off the ground, but there is always something that ends up getting moved to the front of the line. Was going to go to the hangar last night to take the battery out, bring it home and charge it up but ended up behind the snowblower instead. And instead of some nice flying weather this weekend, there's 6-10" of snow coming. I hope I get a chance to try out my engine heater someday.
  • As soon as my banana plantation in Panama starts to turn a profit, I'll look into that.
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