Membership Renewal Cost

Daniel: I received my POS renewal notice in the mail yesterday, and it looked like the least expensive option was $49/year. As I recall, last year there was a $29 option if you didn't want to receive the print copy of the magazine. Has that changed? Thanks.


  • Its still 29.95 for the on-line issue. Are you having trouble signing up for this option? You should be able to renew on this website....its under the membership tab.

  • Tom, I'll try that. I was referring to the mailing I received yesterday, which didn't seem to have the $29.95 option.

    By the way, I've received at least three or four renewal reminders in that past two or three months. Seems like there's an opportunity to cut postage expenses by not sending out so many reminders.

    Thanks for the response.
  • I dont think that your alone in those sentiments. I'll save you the details on why you get so many renewal notices ect..., but can tell you that it is done by most publications I know of, and is related to number of people that sign up, versus how much it costs to send out.
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