Cherokee 180 Nose Cowl

My nose cowl is cracked quite a bit on the surface, it appears oil is leaching thru the cracks. When we started looking at it closely, there was a lot of bondo on the bottom side. As we started sanding down the bondo, we also started having oil leaching thru the underside of the cowl also. We are trying to come up with something to try to get the oil out of the fiberglass as we are rebuilding the cowl. I was thinking about grinding up oil sorb into more of a powder and see what happens overnight, If successful, then do it again. Any suggestions.


  • MEK and acetone, but both will also dissolve the polyester resin. When oil soakage is really bad, I've done 3 plies of 5.8 oz on the inner surface, then completely ground away the oil soaked glass, then 3 to 5 plies on the outside to get back to finish contour. This leaves a strong interlocked splice. The antimony trioxide that Piper used as a fire retardant in the resin also interferes with the bond.
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