Christmas toys

Anybody get any?


  • Nothing for the airplane per se, but my little darlin' did get me the Jeppesen Captains bag for all the stuff. Nice to have detachable headset pockets, laptap pocket and lots of room...etc. It's pretty nifty. Happy New Year to everyone!!
  • Got a portable power inverter for the plane and a Saitek radio stack add on for the sim
  • A plane. :-)

    Technically, given that the plane could be ferried to the paint/interior shop only recently (due to bad weather), I only became the legal owner in December. So this is technically true.

    Anyway easy job for Santa, could fly beside the toy. Pb were the wings: no way to get it inside the house...

    Next year I'll try to ask for a moon rocket, one never knows...

  • No toys and the Grinch is coming - 1st annual with my "new" 32y.o. acft.
  • My Archer turned 33 on December 27. I bought it knowing that there were several items needing attention and got concessions from the seller for that. Still, first annual was $6K. Thankfully my mechanic had kept me in the process and while more than I wished it was not a great surprise.
  • Got the Brightline pilot bag, and very happy with it. Watching the video on the website is a hoot...try it as a drinking game where you take a swig every time he says "zipper" or "pocket". : )

    Only problem is that there really are so many pockets, it's easy to forget where you stashed some not-commonly-used item. I almost feel like I need to make a "table of contents" for it so I can remember where everything is...
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