Rear Seat Belts for Cherokee 140 (2nd post with new info. )

In my first post I stated that I would like to put rear seat belts in my Cherokee 140 ( received some very nice comments, thank you ). But after more searching the logs I have found that my 140 was built as a two seater and does not have any hardware installed for the rear seat belts even though the previous owner had rear seats installed. The payload (600 lbs. with full tanks) would allow me to carry a passenger and two of my grandkids. I'm very careful of weight and balance so safety is not an issue except for no seat belts in the rear. I would appreciate any information on where to get them, who can install them, etc. Thanks most kindly. It's a 1964 btw with a 150 HP Lycoming.


  • Any liscensed aircraft mechanic can install them. The cheapest source for the parts would be an aircraft salvage yard (White, Wentworth, Memphis, etc.) Make sure the mechanic installs them in accordance with the SB mod.

    Do your aircraft logs document the 4 seat conversion and the gross weight increase?
  • Thanks, Jim. I do have a copy of the SB and will give it to my A&P when I find the belts. Gross weight has been upgraded but I haven't found the rear seat mod. in the logs yet. I'm still sifting through them right now. This is a first buy for me so I'm going kind of slow trying not to miss anything and learning as I go. POS has been a great help. Thanks for the reply.
  • Hi Rikki0- what is the service bulletin that will allow the increase in gross weight for the Cherokee 140. Mine is a 1964--I have the 150 hp engine and the rear seat mod. Thanks --Lee

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