Just the Joy of It

It has been some four weeks since I got to fly. Had starting problems, though it turned over fine with the Piper plug.
Got to an airport away from home and they did not have a single pin plug. Had to jump it with a pick up truck direct to battery. Took off at dusk and was dark when I got home. Landing light on but no reflection off prop. Short final and I knew it was not working. Landed and then finally got back to the hangar. My A&P found and fixed problem. Weather and work turned horrible. BUT TODAY, I was able to leave early and though gusty it was a beautiful day to fly. Scattered clouds, the sun setting in the Southwestern sky turning them brilliant hues of orange, pink and red set against a marvelous blue background. Took me half a pattern to get my "airlegs" back. Then I just sat back and took in the joy of it all, I was flying again.


  • Flying is good.
  • I've had several memorable flights lately in this cold winter weather. Low-level haze, clear blue layer above with thin cirrus high overhead. Farmland ponds sparkling in the low winter sun. Often, not even a hint of turbulence. Usually, I try to have a particular mission or "lesson plan" for my flights, but a couple of times lately I've just gone out and flown for the sheer joy of it. I need to do that more often.
  • I was thinking yesterday while flying how much we are blessed to be aviators!
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