FAA NPRM on photo pilot certificates

I encourage you all to comment on the FAA's proposal to now require the adding of a photo to our certificates. Here's the link.


The fees and potential incurred costs to each of us for this mandate are not going to be insignificant, unlike the plastic certificate mandate. And then, I suspect any renewals, rating changes, endorsements or limitation changes will require another round of fees and costs.

This looks like a user fee, where you get NO SERVICE for the fee.

Next year, I suspect they'll decide they need to add biometrics, starting another round of fees.

Enough soap box, but do consider commenting on this.



  • We are undergoing death by a thousand cuts when it comes to the cost of new FAA regulations: photo IDs, 406 ELTs, ADS-B, re-registration. Enough is enough. Aero-News.net has a good op-ed on the potential cost of photo IDs: Aero-News.net
  • You apparently have a lot more spare cash than most of us. The argument that it takes a lot of money to fly anyway is bogus. So if car registration goes up to $5,000 a vehicle and drivers license fees go to $500, are you just going to roll over and say it takes a lot of money to drive a car? I also don't feel that any comments sent to the FAA are worth the time it takes to write them. Their mind is already made up and the "comment period" is just a little legal encumberance they have to wiggle around. How many times have you taken your pilots license out for something? Safety my backside. I think it goes back to some politician that stands to make a few bucks off the deal. Plus we'll get more federal employees to ride rough shod over the whole process. Just wonderful.
  • Sort of a collective response. First I agree this is unnecessary, we currently fulfill the photo req. with a driver's license or StateID. I have this vision of the Jetsons, with an Air Cop directing me to pull over to the edge of the sky so he can check my Photo Airman's Certificate and Airworthiness. Just seems silly. Second, I spend nowhere near that kind of money. First it makes no economic sense to spend the kind of money which is equal to or in excess of the FMV of the airplane. Second, there is no way to recoup any of it at sale. Finally, how did this become a discussion of ADS-B?
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