Complete ADS-B Weather Capable EFB, Chartflier for $399

Complete ADS-B Weather Capable EFB, Chartflier for $399
Atlanta, GA - 10 JAN 2011 - Essential Flight Technology (EFT), a provider of a general aviation electronic flight bag (EFB) product which is ADS-B weather capable, announces a special purchase program. EFT recently acquired a shipment of refurbished/used Fujitsu tablet computers with Indoor/Outdoor screens at a fantastic price. EFT is pleased to be able to pass the savings on to its customers by bundling them with a full year of service for $399.00. GPS units are available from $30.00 for refurbished Bluetooth GPS units.
The package includes a Fujitsu P1610 with 1GB RAM, Windows XP Tablet Software, and Chartflier. Full specifications can be found at
Chartflier is fully integrated with Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver technology. Essential Flight Technology’s Chartflier product represents the easiest to use full-featured EFB on the market. The Chartflier product runs on on Windows XP/VISTA/7 tablet computers with minimal system requirements. The product is optimized to work on netbooks and virtually every tablet computer produced in the last 3 years.
Portable EFT receivers enable ADS-B weather capability without installation and costly subscription fees. They plug into an aircraft power receptacle and communicate with Chartflier over a wired or wireless connection. Chartflier supports virtually any ADS-B receiver using the GDL-90 standard.
You can fly with free ADS-B weather today! Chartflier is available now with NEXRAD, METAR/SPECI, TAF, winds and temps aloft, and PIREP information. ADS-B receiver's are available today from $995.
Hurry, supplies are limited!
Click here to order … art/Add/20
– Essential Flight Technology –
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