I guess there is a schedule to re-register all aircraft? What is the deal with that? What must we do?



    This explains it pretty well. Prepare to be reamed again by your friendly FAA.
  • Greg S wrote:
    Prepare to be reamed again by your friendly FAA.
    I didn't think it was a big deal. I took care of mine in about 3 minutes online and another 3 when the card showed up in the mail and I had to trim it and swap it out with the old one in the plane. It cost me $5.

    Of all the costs and hassles associated with plane ownership, this is certainly one of 'em. But it's the smallest one I know of.
  • It's all PR & CYA stuff in the wake of 9-11. Just look at the news reports, delivered oh so incredulously, about the fact that pilot certificates don't have a picture. (There's a big joke that the 9-11 Commission recommended photo-ID pilot certs and the FAA responded by putting Orville & Wilbur on 'em) That one's coming and re-registration is ridiculously easy in comparison.
  • I saw a network news story about this and no one associated with aviation would have recognized what was going on. Wild claims of unknown terrorists hiding unregistered aircraft and equally wild claims about hiding criminal usage of airplanes. It was pathetic . . . . for lack of a less printable word
  • My experience was the name as jruhnke's: painless online process and minimal cost. I am by no means a fan of regulation for the sake of regulation, and I am under no illusions that this enhances homeland security one whit, but it doesn't seem unreasonable to be required to re-register every three years for $5 (for now). It costs me a lot more than that to register my car every year.
  • The cost may be minimal now, but have you ever heard of a gov't. fee to stay the same? They will encounter "unforseen" costs that will require the fee to be increased or to require more info or something. They have their foot in the door. Why do we pay for their inability to run a program?
  • Reregistration may well *become* a cumbersome and expensive proposition some day.

    Gripe about it then. Right now, it's neither.
  • That's right, open your billfold and throw more money at them. Painless. Life is good.
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