First Year's Operating Cost, 78 Turbo Arrow

Summed it all up for the year (including scheduled/unscheduled maint, insurance, fuel, oil, tie down, & databases/charts). 153 hours cost $158/hr. Had I not elected to have the A/P groomed & AI replaced, would have been $123/hr. Operate the aircraft at 65% most of the time, 12.5-12.8gph.


  • I ignore it. If I figured it would cost me $300 to go get a $100 hamburger I'd think twice. I just pay for everything and if the mortgage is good and lights are still on at the house... then I just figure I can afford it.
  • There's no shortage of folks wondering about the cost of ownership. I figured I'd post my experience from year one. OBTW, I don't scrimp - didn't get into GA flying to save money.
  • It is like having kids. If you think about it too much you won't... but if you do it tends to work out.

    BTW: Just because I don't painfully keep track of the costs of ownership does not mean I don't have a 530W, 106C, 330TIS, XM weather and music, 340, dual GS, backup electric AI, Lycoming factory reman, 3 blade and Michelin Air tires. Scrimp? Yeah. But if I added it all up it becomes hard to justify so I don't. :) I use it too, averaging about 200 hours a year.
  • Brand new to ownership after 30 years of renting... I may have 275 hours in the book just in check-rides and dual from all my military moves the last 20 years and add on ratings - every new city or country was another orientation and check ride. Ownership has it's advantages that are truely PRICELESS! Last year 191 hours was my best ever in a year due to this shore billet tour and a house 1 mile from the hangar. Just backing off the MP to 25" and RPM to 2350 for local scenic hops lately surprized me 1.1 hours only burned 7,4 gallons and we did a hold, VOR approach and 2 touch and goes. Still priceless to see the 1st timers enjoy the art of flying.
  • Miles,

    GREAT !! And enjoy!! The more you use it the less it costs per hour to own. 191 hours is cooking!
  • $125-130 is about what I see with the T-tail lance. I agree with Don, it's not about the price, it's a "owning that plane" thing. Stick with the argument that the more you fly, the less it cost per hour, it's my favorite. Put's my wife in a spin every time. fly safe & often 39489
  • It's operating cost and includes the elements listed. It does not include the cost of upgrades and whatnot - though I haven't had any upgrades done. The figure represents the per-hour benefit of a decent number of hours.

    I track it because I have an aviation budget and aim to live within it, barring some major engine O/H.

    I posted the number here since I've seen a number of threads on operating/ownership cost from folks considering a purchase. In general they receive either good advice to consult some of the reference material out there (I did that before buying and it was helpful and reasonably accurate) or they hear "If you have to ask, don't bother." The latter is neither helpful nor true. You can put your aircraft ownership on a budget.

    OBTW - I thought I heard on another post that Don is leaving POS. Don, you'll be missed - great advice to be had in your posts.
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