Teledyne Alpha Beam

I just tried the new Teledyne Alphabeam "drop in" replacement landing light for my cherokee. It won't "drop in".The backshell on it is too deep and interrfers with the mounting bracket. Am I the first to try this? the light looks very cool and with it partially installed and on battery power is REALLY BRIGHT! Of couse I can't get any advice from Teledyne to day (sat) but will be on the horn to them Monday. They have a picture on their advertisment of a 140 with the bulb installed but I must have missed the duct tape holding it on. Again am I the first with the new Alphabeam?
thanks all


  • If you don't have any luck, Lasalle electric 734-425-6200, located in the south eastern Detroit area carries a 250W,12v lite (GE4631) which is a direct replacement for your lite. You may have to upgrade your breaker though, it's got about an 18amp draw. They also have a Mexican (as in product of Mexico) version for under $20. I've used these bulbs in three different planes, they are HID bright with a 500hr life. good luck
  • thanks for the info, I will keep those in mind
  • Doesn't help you (sorry about that; just including info for other readers who find this thread), but I picked up the Whelen Parmetheus LED for my '73 180, and it was even smaller than the light it replaced, so there were no install problems at all. (Note that my plane doesn't have the light/air filter interference that some Cherokees have.) Light output is comparable to the GE incandescent it replaced...I wouldn't say it was brighter. I bought it for reliability reasons, not extra illumination.
  • Ditto what jruhnke said as it relates to my 1965 180C.
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