Teledyne Alphabeam update

I called Teledyne today and asked to talk to somebody about technical advise in regards to the Alphabeam I purchased with regards to installation. I was directed to "George" whom I left an voice mail, no returned call. After some logbook research I did decipher some chicken scratch that said AD 96-10-01 was accomplished with the new bracket. I have had my light assy apart a few times and can say it was not done correctly. I have ordered a new bracket (ouch$$$) and am going to size it up to the Alphabeam. I'm thinking the light is going to get returned, unless I want to make a modification and submit a 337. Yes I am an IA, but this area has an AD against it and is critical to continued operations. I was so eager to see this light work, that finally there was an solution to a dim bulb. I hope to have more positve news soon.


  • As has been mentioned elsewhere, keep the Parmetheus in mind if you end up returning the Alphabeam. Per Aviation Consumer, the Parmetheus ranked ahead of the Alphabeam in brightness and was the best value for money of the current crop of LED landing lights.
  • Drop-in. Very easy install, per my mechanic. You just need to be sure your make/model aircraft is on the STC which can be downloaded from Whelen's web site. Pay particular notice to the notes at the end of the STC.
  • In my case, it was identical to the light it replaced: Loosen the screw that holds the light retainer ring to free the light, then pull it out and disconnect the power leads. Connect power leads to new Whelen light (noting proper polarity), then set the light in place and secure the light retainer ring. Less than 5 min.

    STC paperwork will take far longer.
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