A Lesson Learned

First, let me say that I had a very nice discussion with Jim Long last night. I called him to apologise for a pretty rude post I had made on a subject line he had started. I thought he was someone else when I made the comment, but one thing I learned was that a rude comment, no matter the reason is never really called for and serves no good purpose. I also learned to make a more thorough analysis of a situation before I make any kind of reply.

Jim was more than generous in his acceptance of my apology, and one of the most gracious and interesting people I have talked to in years. Our conversation went on into aviation in general and he had some wonderful stories to tell. I guess we talked almost an hour and I must say I was a little regretful when the conversation had to come to an end.

Not only did I learn a good lesson, I gained a good friend. Thanks Jim.



  • Nice note, Rikki0. When using electronic forms of communication like email and forum postings, I think it's easy to forget that we're communicating with real human beings, and we sometimes phrase things in a way that we would never do if we were speaking face-to-face with someone. Impersonal communication begets impertinent behavior, perhaps. Thanks for the reminder that civility is always a good choice.

    I know that at least a couple of folks have had conversations with Mr. Long, but unfortunately I haven't seen any evidence that he's tried to come back here. He sounds like a good guy to have in a conversation, so I hope he chooses to join in on this or another aviation-related forum...
  • jruhnke, Jim told me that he is still monitoring our forum and that he understands the problem. He said he has made a couple of posts on technical issues since and that he still considers our forum a pretty good one. I don't want to speak for him, but I think we will still be seeing him from time to time.

  • That's a good lesson for all of us, Mike. Thanks for sharing. I, too, hope we will be seeing posts from Jim in the future.
  • Well said, Jim. And thank you for the websites. I particularly enjoyed the "warbirdbob" site. I bet I could take him in a dogfight, but if he ever got me in a catfight I'd be toast. lol.

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