SB 1006 Every Seven Years -- Are You Doing That?

It's been well over seven years -- more like 14 -- since SB 1006 was last performed on my 180C. Obviously, it's overdue, but I haven't seen much chatter on the forums about the recommendation to repeat the procedure every 7 years. For those of you in that position, have you been doing it? My plane is in for its annual right now. Shouldn't my mechanic at least be bringing this to my attention? Or, since it's not an AD, does he not have an obligation?


  • Thanks, Mike. I should have mentioned that one of the previous owners did have inspection panels installed per SB 977 (rear attach fittings corrosion), but I don't think those give access for compliance with SB 1066.

    Yes, the dimmer switches are nice, and I'm glad to have them.
  • Good grief, I had never considered mouse defecation/putrefaction as a source of corrosion, but it makes sense. :o

    You're right: the buck stops with the PIC.
  • Propfan, when our AI did the pre-buy on my PA-28-140 he actually did bring that SB to my attention. I don't know if he was obligated to or not (I'll ask him). He did have to remove both wing tanks to repair fuel leaks because the small rubber hoses (about an inch and a half long, 2 on each tank) that connect the fuel lines had deteriorated and while he had them out he did a wing spar inspection and found no corrosion, but some minor corrosion in a couple other places so I had him go ahead and apply the anti-corrosion. He also brought to my attention the SB on the stabilator horn but found no corrosion there. So all I can say is he did bring those and other SB's to my attention and checked them without being asked to. I don't know if that's the way it's supposed to be, but it's the way Wes is. He also told me that in all his years he had only seen the problem on three planes and only one of them needed to have wing spar replacement, but I didn't want to take the chance.

  • I just had SB 1006 completed. This was the first time it was done. The previous owners didn't do it. No problems found.
    Yes, it cost some money to do but I'd rather be safe than sorry. All the rubber fuel lines and gaskets were changed. They do degrade over time so pulling the tanks to prevent future leaks makes sense. Don't have to worry about it now for another 7 years.
  • Mike, I like your mechanics approach and have done that too. Is he obligated? I dont think he is obligated, but if he is a decent mechanic and trustworthy he will bring it to your attention. My way of thinking is present all the information to the owner, what it will cost, what might or might not be found, determine if it is mandatory or a airworthiness issue and if not let the owner make the call, after all, he is the one that is going to pay the bill. If the mechanic does a good and thourogh job and gives the facts to the owner, most likely the owner will bring back his plane next time because he trusts you.
  • My mechannic went over everything and checked which SB's and AD's were done which are recurring etc. I was given a detailed report in writing before any work was started. He told me SB 1006 should be done but it it was up to me. He also brought SB 1216A to my attention which was inspection for cracks at the outboard aileron attach points. It needs to be done every 100 hours and requires removal of paint on a wing rib and using penetrating dye to find cracks. He told me I could do the inspection or I could eliminate the recurring inspection by changing out the ribs and having the ailerons reworked. I chose to eliminate the recurring SB it cost about $1800. These guys know their pipers and give you all the information so you can decide which way you can go, or should go, with respect to maintaining your plane.
  • I'm having my first annual done and included SB1006 in the mix. The airplane is 33y.o. and there's no record of SB1006 compliance. That said, the tanks were removed twice before for fuel line work and sender replacements. The last time was 9.5 years ago. No corrosion at all. The spars look like new. It's nice to see the zinc chromate on the interior structure. The sender seals were on their last legs and for that reason alone I'd say that the 7yr interval on SB1006 makes sense.

    Using SB1006 parts kit from AirWard (very nice kit) and replacing the tank fasteners with stainless steel.
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