Joel Turpin - Tips and Tales - November - RNAV/GPS Approach to Runway 5

From the November issue of Pipers Magazine

You are flying into the Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport in Day IFR conditions and planning a straight-in RNAV/GPS approach to Runway 5. While flying level at 5,000 feet and going direct to WIBUM, you receive the following IFR approach clearance:

“Bug Smasher 524 Hotel Sierra, cross WIBUM at or above 4,000 feet, cleared for the RNAV GPS Runway 5 approach.”

Assuming you will be flying the LPV approach, how will you fly the vertical profile? What is the fix at YONUP, and how will it impact your profile?

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  • That one is easy-LPV is an approach with vertical guidance, so one will follow the GPS glideslope all the way to DA. YONUP fix is for LNAV only so it does not play a role.

    Karol Zadora
    PA28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV
    Seattle Area

  • I agree with kzadora. Further it appears that no lower than 2600 would be the C minma. if you were using circling minima in a C aircraft.

  • Agree with kzadora

  • Agree but must be 3400’ or greater at WOSIT!
  • There are at least four problems with this scenario, starting with the initial conditions. Rocky, when we're "flying level at 5,000 feet and going direct to WIBUM," where are we? Over ZEGAS? LOL

    Bob T.

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