New to Piper

New / Back to Piper after owning a Archer after getting my private, I then became a Bonanza guy owning a F33 and then a A36 turbo.
As I enjoy flying high I did not enjoy the co2 tubes and discomfort, as I started looking for a plane that met my mission and wants and needs the Mirage became the plane that fit my needs.
After months of looking I found N924T 2 hours from my house in Wisconsin, the plane is now at DFS getting the pre buy repairs done as well as some things I wanted as well.
Next week I will fly from Naples to KDSM to meet Dick Rochfort and begin my transition training, and then on to KUES my home field to finish up.
I am looking forward to the Mirage and to the Piper community.

(Any body have a lead on any hangar space in the Naples, FL area?)


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