New Paint job, done in Middleberry Vermont

Greetings New member this week
Here is a picture of my 1968 Pa-28 140, Rebuilt Motor by Penn Yan - Power flow Exhaust - and new Interior


  • Beautiful!! Love to see interior also

  • I had the fuel selector valve o ring go bad and had 6 gallons of 100 LL leak onto the carpet, for now the carpet is out being cleaned - once installed I will take some Pictures. I also had the thicker solar tint glass installed this also makes the interior a little more quiet

  • Ooooh! I want one! Look at that baby shine!

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  • Wow. That is nice. How much bodywork and repairs had to be done before paint?


    1963 Cherokee 180 B.

  • Brother
    There was a ding the size of your index finger in the leading edge of the wing, the nose bowl was in need of some work but nothing dramatic, the larger glass was difficult to massage into place - we also went with Knots2U for flap ,aileron and Stabilator gap seals also up-graded to 160 H.P with Ram when the engine was overhauled.
    The only extra that was last minute was the painted third window, I realize with everything I spent I will never re-coup what I have into the plane ($42000) but this plane has been with us for 41 years and we know it inside and out with no surprises!

  • Cool. I thought the rear window was painted.

    It is also a great time to do all those speed mods.


    1963 Cherokee 180 B.

  • Any interior photos? I am replacing my process today.

  • Next time I am at the airport I will take a shot of it sorry

  • No problem. Thanks

  • The painted widow looks great. What type windows did you use?
  • Jluit 1
    I had my A&P order the windows and FedEx them to the paint shop, sorry for the delay

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