Anybody know what this is?

This came with my plane but the previous owner didn't know what it was. I figured it was some kind of anit theft device but I'm not sure. Any guesses???

Kurt Johnson


  • Oh, that's an easy one. It's a U-shaped piece of metal painted yellow with black stripes. Next question??? (actually, I haven't a clue)

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  • Ok, I’ll guess. The ‘S’ shape to the lower portion of the bracket is designed for quick and secure installation. The opposite end is secured with one fastener, again to speed install and removal. The yellow color and black striping suggest caution. I think it is a form of lockout/tag out safety to prevent operation of something during maintenance.

    Or not

  • Pure WAG, it appears to be a safety barrier (yellow/black striping) for some sort of switch, valve or similar device. I think it is possibly up side down if the hole is for a padlock should be on the bottom so the lock hangs free. Looks to be 1/4 inch thick which is pretty substantial and several inches (10-12) long. I agree the S end indicates it is completely removable quickly.

  • So basically; it has nothing to do with the airplane?!?

    Kurt Johnson

  • Not any airplane I have seen, it is similar to some throttle quadrant locks but way to big and heavy for that. What are the dimensions including thickness?

  • Call the previous owner. You now owe and answer to all of us!!!

  • My guess is it had to do with the hangar door if it was a bifold. It's either a lock out -tag out for maintenance or a cover over a chain or cables where hands don't belong. Now... I would call it a wheel chock.


  • That's one hell of a wheel chock! You could chock a 747 with that!

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