Just when you think you have it figured out

I flew at a Young Eagles event on Saturday. Then I came back to my home field and set up for an oil change. Catch can under the nose, Blackstone kit ready, latex gloves on to keep my hand modeling day job safe, drain hose set to be hooked up from can to quick drain valve, and plenty of paper towels in place...just in case.

I drained off some oil and then took a sample from the quick drain valve. Cleaned off the drip and then got the hose for the remainder of the oil drain. Pulled it up snug on the valve and let it flow.

So far so good.

I might as well go work on the filter now. As I was walking back with my wire cutters, I decided to check the progress. I lifted up the drain hose to see the flow and level, and then it happened—the hose fell off the quick drain valve. The remaining contents of my sump flowed like Stark blood at the Red Wedding.

One of these days, I’ll get it down, but yesterday was not that day.


1963 Cherokee 180 B.


  • I feel your pain! That has happened to me more than once. Fortunately, quick DRAINs are also quick CLOSE, if you can manage not to get burned too badly in the process :#
  • Too funny, guys. Let me know how it works out again in about 50 hours, lol. :)

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  • But, but, but were your hands okay? :D

  • Spotless until I tried to clean the inside of the cowling.


    1963 Cherokee 180 B.

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