POH Face Lift

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Got this idea from Scott during webinar... cost me $0.00 because I had the zippered binder from work :) I'm on a perfection journey, and nothing in this plane will 1) be terrible, dirty or unorganized, or 2) not working....I was never able to stand it when I asked "what is this" and the response "ah ignore it, it doesn't work". :s My philosophy is: get rid of it or fix it. lol.
Here are pics of the POH before and after. And again, my thoughts about bad previous owners...lol


  • Nice. What did you put in each tab?


    1963 Cherokee 180 B.

  • Per Professor Sherer:
    -Airplane Flight Manual
    -Weight & Balance (original, plus trail of all changes)
    -Power Settings Table
    -All present Equipage w STC trail and flight manual supplements for every mod / avionics install
    -AD Trail
  • I like that!

  • Great job :)

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