New Member with a 1976 Archer II

Greetings. I am a partial owner with two other owners of a 1976 Archer II. We purchased the aircraft in Medford, OR and flew it to Fernandina Beach, Florida. It has about 2400 hours and flies just great. It still had the original factory paint scheme and was in very good condition. We had it painted and all minor exterior corrosion removed. Avionics have been updated from the Narco radios to a new Garmin radio.


  • Wow, what a paint job. :) Post a few interior pics when you get a chance.

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
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    Need help? Let me know!

  • HI Scott, will do. The interior is original (except for avionics) with Sheepskin covers over the seats.

  • Beautiful! Recently sold my 1976 model with original 1200 hours Archer II. SO easy to fly!

  • Oh yes, the Archer II is a wonderful plane. Piper "Had it down" back then. Very forgiving for relatively low-time guys like myself.

  • Welcome! Beautiful airplane!

    Jim "Griff" Griffin
    PA28 - 161
    Chicago area

  • Nice paint scheme! I have a 1980 Archer up the coast from you at St Simons Island GA. I would be interested to know who you will use for service.

  • UPDATE: On February 3, 2020 I was flying from Brunswick Golden Isle (KBQK) to Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport (KFHB) and shortly after leaving Brunswick, the engine started shaking like a wet dog! Long story short, I was able to safely get into Jekyll Island Airport (09J) and the plane was tied down for three months to the day, yes out in the weather.

    We sent the engine out to PENN YAN and they did a super job with just about all new parts. Total cost was ~ $30,000 including parts and labor. But it runs great now. We have about 40 hours on the engine now.

    TMcC, sorry for the delayed response, good to know that we have a "cousin" at St Simons Island. I have flown up there before to visit Southern Soul for a sandwich. As for maintenance, we use Fernandina Beach Aircraft Maintenance. Sherman and Keith do most of the work and they are very thorough. They charge ~ $90 an hour. Sherman was employed by Piper in Lock Haven and Vero Beach for many years. He knows Pipers.

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