I’m trying to get my son ready for his solo x-country flights in our 67’ 180, all of the performance charts are somewhat archaic compared to later charts. Anyone have ideas an to something more updated and approved?


  • Not quite sure what you are looking for, weight & balance calculations haven't changed since your plane rolled out of the assembly line in (likely) Vero Beach. But this may help it is just an automated version of the old formulae. Your numbers should be in your POH or similar volume kept in your plane.

  • Oh Wow Bill! That's really cool.

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  • Have you considered something like ForeFlight? I think for an extra fee, you can get all that stuff. I'm to cheap to but it myself. Not sure if the pilot examiner will allow that during his check ride though. By the way, I can't get either one of my kids in my airplane. How did you do that??

  • fltplanGO app (a Garmin company), has this tool, for $0.00 :)

  • Thanks Bill, and all for the comments. I checked with our DPE and he is ok with the calculator, he just needs to understand what the numbers mean. Austin my son has been flying with me in our Champ since he was little and he really does enjoy it.

  • Your a lucky man. I'm the only one in several generations of my family that had anything to do with aviation. I about had to threaten my wife with divorce to fly with me on my retirement flight with US Airways.

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