Any piper owners in Pacific Northwest?

My wife and brother-in-law are working on getting their PPL's and I will probably follow shortly after them. I'm considering buying a plane to help with hours and for recreation. I'm very interesting in getting a Piper, but all of my passenger experience has been in Cessna 150's and 172's.

Does anyone in the Pacific Northwest have a Piper they'd be willing to show me? Ideal case would be someone willing to take me for a test flight (I will of course pay for your time and fuel), but I am happy to just talk and ask some questions, too. We are looking at older 140, 160, and 180's.

I'm in Portland, OR.


  • So here are a couple of things to look at when looking at planes. The 140 is a 2 person plane. The 160 is a 3 person plane as is the 180. While you can get four persons in these planes, keep in mind that they were designed in the 1950's and 1960's when adults weighed between 120 and 175 pounds. You'll have to offload gas and baggage to get the person count up. If that's not a problem, great! Also, try to get planes manufactured in the mid to late 1970's or newer if you can afford it. The planes have more modern styling and performance and are, well, newer! There's nothing wrong with 1960's planes just make sure you don't have corrosion. Try and get mid-time airframes and engines, too. As for avionics; many of these planes with have ancient panels that need to be gutted and replaced with newer equipment. The rules have changed for avionics greatly since the 1960's. Good luck!

    Scott Sherer
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  • I would try the Flights Above Pacific Northwest (FATPNW) Facebook group if you are looking for a ride. Plenty of Piper pilots there. I would gladly take you up but I am based in Everett, WA, a bit too much north.

    Karol Zadora
    PA28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV
    Seattle Area

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