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Hello all;

Here's my resume'.

Engineer (4 degrees) and business owner - computers and IT. President of our airport's pilot's association for 15+ years. 7 years as a board member of the Pilot's Technical Advisory Committee with the village where the airport is located. Previous life (in college) as a body/paint man and Porsche mechanic, so horizontally opposed flat, air cooled engines are familiar to me. History of automobile racing as driver and crew member. Yes I know that's redundant...everyone I know that's into aircraft are also into cool cars, motorcycles, trucks, trains, etc. Been flying for 25+ years, PA28-161 owner for 21+ years. Full aircraft rebuild including interior, controls, lighting, windshields, new engine, etc. completed in 2010. New paint in 2017. Got the gray hairs to prove everything written above. Pic of airplane attached.

Thanks for having me on board!

Jim "Doc Griff" Griffin
PA28 - 161
Chicago area


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