Piper Annual Maintenance Subscription

In the refurb of my PA-31 my LAME has subscribed for an annual Piper maintenance subscription. I have looked for what this is without luck. Does anyone know what this is? It is around USD$700. Thanks


  • Hi, here's what I found on the Piper website. Is this what you're referring to?

    From time to time, Piper Aircraft issues Service Letters, Service Bulletins, or Change Notices in order to address potential issues on aircraft. These notices are provided here for dealers and owners. To search these publications, please click here.

    Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) is the exclusive provider and distributor of electronic publications for Piper Aircraft. All Piper publications (Illustrated Parts Catalogs, Maintenance Manuals, Service Bulletins/Service Letters and ePOH’s) are available through ATP by visiting their website at www.atp.com, by email at sales@atp.com or by telephone; (US & Canada) 800-227-4610 or worldwide (+1) 415-330-9500.

    NOTE: ePOHs available through ATP are for reference only and are not a substitute for the approved paper POH in the cockpit. For approved cockpit flight manuals, please contact your nearest Piper dealer.

    In addition, owners are encouraged to subscribe to our free Piper Publication Notification service and an email will be sent to the address of your choice alerting you each time a new service publication applicable to your airplane is issued. To sign up, click here._

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  • Don't think so. I had better ask the guy what exactly it is for

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