Fall Winterization

The recent article by Sky smith was decent. I would add a few more suggestions regarding winterization of a plane. If you are not going to fly it and want to protect it from snowy weather.
flight surfaces: lubricate all the flap rollers, piano hinges with corrosion x. It leaves a film to protect these.
Landing gear: same here lubicrate the struts and brakes with corrosion x. Door hinges, anything that is exposed to weather.
Covering the plane if left out side. Bruce sells relatively inexpensive custom covers for the tail and cabin ara. I also use polyesther black tarps to cover the wings from freezing snow. These are around $60 from a tarp company.
Engine: this is already protected, but changing the oil if it is due, would be recommended. During the winter I go out and hand prop the plane a few times to make sure there is oil sloshed around. Fogging oil would work to if you are not planning on flying for longer than 6 weeks.
Battery: I don't have an in-the-plane trickle charger. Instead I take the battery out and charge it up fully in Dec. Concord battery sell a nifty exciter charger that will juice the battery full up around $80.
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  • Good suggestions, thanks for posting!

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