Tim’s Saratoga SP

Long time PA 32 owner. This is my 4th, but first Turbo. Fantastic aircraft. She’s in the shop getting final avionics, then interior. I did a complete restoration so coming along slowly. She is getting a GFC500, G500Txi, JPI 930 and panel. I just finished installing dual 750’s, G5, GMA35c, WX500, GDL69A, FS210, GTX345 and a bunch of mechanical stuff like windshields, hoses, resealed everything, new eagle fuel cells, brakes, tires, fiberglass exterior stuff, etc. Paint was done last year and goes back for touch up after everything is done. I’ll post panel pics when done.
I’m currently flying large military aircraft all over the country (yes someone has to do it) and am a current CFI/CFII/MEI Airplane and Rotorcraft.


  • Beautiful plane. Post those panel pics when you can!

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.

    Need help? Let me know!

  • Hi Tim !

    Hello from the eastern side of the big duck pond.
    I can see you've got a beautiful Turbo Saratoga with intercooler.

    I have been considering the IC, too, into my 1982 bird.

    Please advise what kind of numbers you are using (fuel flow, temps etc.) I am more than curious. :)

    Best regards,

    Peter Tahtinen

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