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Hello Piper Owners, recently joined the Piper’s Owners Group in January. I have owned my 1979 Warrior II for 24 years. In the last few years I have done the ADSB upgrade followed by a GNS430W and GNS340. I decided this year to move forward with upgrades, removing the 170B and replacing it with a Garmin 255. Also pulled the trigger on an Aspen ProMax with the Bendix King AeroCruze 100 Auto Pilot. I am so looking forward to having the new Avionics in place soon. Unfortunately after purchasing all the new toys, I found an issue with the motor where the lifter and cam deteriorated causing metal in the filter. Headed down the path of overhauling at Don George’s engine, but they found a crankshaft out of specifications at the prop flange area, now she is getting a new Rebuilt Lycoming zero time engine. It will be a sweet airplane when I get her back in the air. Little lighter in the wallet, but not discouraged.


  • Here is the picture of my bird.
  • Beautiful paint job! And thanks for the post about your plane.... you're in good company, lol.

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    Need help? Let me know!

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    Dtaglila - My bird is a 1978 Warrior II that I've owned for 22 years and 2 engines, so we're in a similar life cycle with our airplanes and engines.

    Wise choice to go with a factory zero time engine, especially if your old engine has multiple problems. I went with a zero-time engine 10 yrs ago, and never looked back. All engine AD's are complied with, every part is within new tolerance, the new engine has the roller cam and lifters (smoother and makes better power than my old flat tappet engine when it was new), and in the long run, you may wind up money ahead. I jumped on a "show special" deal from Lycoming 11 yrs ago while at EAA/OSH that put the price of a zero time engine within $900 of a shop rebuild. I've never regretted it.

    Welcome to the group! You have a beautiful airplane!

    Jim "Griff" Griffin
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  • Thank you to everyone’s knowledge and praise of the plane. I will continue to post pictures as it starts going back together.
  • Griff390, I appreciate your feedback especially on the roller lifters. I was hoping the engine would be smoother and as always have better performance. Sounds like I won’t be disappointed.
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    Dtagilia - No problem! Those of us who have been through it are happy to help. Have your A&P index and balance the propeller after the new engine is installed. You're going to love it. Send pics when done!

    Jim "Griff" Griffin
    PA28 - 161
    Chicago area

  • I am the A&P, and you read my mind. I was planning on the Dynamic Balancing once it is all back together.
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