faa-2018-0245 amendment 39-19234 Fuel Selector

The wording by the FAA concerning requirements is open to several interpretations. My opinion is that they are stating that one preflight after the date given must be done and logged. Others have told me that is wrong that every preflight each time the plane is flown must include a placard review and a log entry must be made each preflight. Another opinion is that the preflight procedure needs to be altered to include the placard review and that needs to be logged. Those who differ with my opinion say if I am wrong and an incident occurs I could have difficulty with both insurance and FAA. If they are wrong then all that can happen is they wasted time in preflights and logging stuff. Anyone out there have any evidence to prove any of these opinions are wrong or right? Please don't tell me about common sense, there seems to be none.

AD Requirements

This AD requires doing a preflight check of the fuel tank selector 

cover to verify the left and right fuel tank selector placards are
located at the proper positions and replacing those that are improperly
located with new placards. The preflight check required in this AD may
be performed by the owner/operator (pilot) holding at least a private
pilot certificate and must be entered into the airplane records showing
compliance with this AD in accordance with 14 CFR 43.9 (a)(1)-(4) and
14 CFR 91.417(a)(2)(v). The record must be maintained as required by 14
CFR 91.417, 121.380, or 135.439.


  • It's a one-time event. FAA wants us to have the right placard in the right location to prevent a possible fuel management error. So on your next preflight you either find the placard is of correct construction and mounting, and you note that in your A&P logbook. Or it's wrong, so you order a new one from Aviall (or my favorite, Ebay…), mount it, and note that it the logbook. Either way, you'll all done.

  • Thats what I said I thought also but what do you have to support our position? Where do we see the FAA say its a one time event?

  • BTW I just heard yet another IA tell me a different opinion. He believes the signoff needs to occur at the time of the annual every year prior to the next flight.

  • This is an interesting topic.

    from AD 2018-07-03, para (g): "If the fuel selector placards are properly installed, no further action is required." No further action includes no recurrent inspections, either as a preflight or at the annuals.

    from para (h): "An FAA-approved licensed mechanic authorized to do maintenance is required to do any fabrication and installation of the fuel selector placards required in this AD."

    Are you surprised by the A&P requirement to replace the placard? Seems a lot easier than an oil change.

  • That appears to be something I can try to put in front of my IA friends and see what they say. Thanks!

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