Ipad upgrade

I am looking into options to replace my old Ipad air 2.
I like that it fits inside the yoke and I sit high enough that it does not restrict view of instruments. I also have a mini but prefer the larger screen. I notice the newer Ipads are larger than my current Air2. Do any of you use a current Ipad on the yoke that is not the mini?
Also ideas on cellular and memory size. I use


  • I use mini so no opinion on the big-format iPad in the cockpit.

    I got the larger-memory one (256) and while it is much more than enough for using it as a dedicated flying device (ForeFlight data for a handful of states is less than 10GB), it leaves space for other things in case I decide to repurpose it later on. Which I think is more likely with a bigger device than the mini.

    Cellular.. honestly I never felt the need for it. I always carry my phone with me when I am flying and the “hotspot” feature connects the mini to the Internet very well.

    Just some random thoughts. Cheers!

    Karol Zadora
    PA28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV
    Seattle Area

  • I use an iPad 10.5” connected to a Sentry mounted on the yoke with the mygoflight case/mount. I also prefer the larger screen compared to the mini. I’ve used this setup since training and it works well for me.

  • Also it’s only 64GB but works for me as it’s dedicated to flying and just runs Foreflight.

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