Tips for flying around central Florida this week

Hi Folks,

I'll be in central Florida this week (business meeting and then hopefully a seaplane rating add-on), and I'm looking for tips on flying around in the airspace..

I'll be departing Apopka, thought I would head over to Venice, maybe also do the Shuttle Landing facility low pass.

I also have thoughts about going along the coast line down to Key West.

Any tips, places "must see", "most avoid", etc is most welcomed... I've got 2 solid days booked with a rental airplane next weekend.

Thank you


  • Only thing I can give advice on is if you end up going north to be aware of military restricted airspace R-2903 complex around Key Stone Heights(42J) area, and R-2910 complex which is north of Leesburg (LEE). They are almost always hot, and FSS doesnt give much info on them because the restricted airspace are so sporadic with their times, so ATC will be your guide.

    Disney TFR is always active to 3000ft, Cape Canaveral may be active as well for space launch.

  • @ dc871f Thank you.
    Had a great time in FL. Got my commercial single SeaPlane rating at Jones Brothers. Flew down to Venice and had dinner at Sharky's. Good food, great company....

    Will back to FL soon :)

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